Carpet Re-stretching

Carpet Re-Stretching Melbourne.

We provide carpet restretching services for carpets affected by buckles, wrinkles or ripples. The most common cause of a loose or shrinking carpet is a failure to properly stretch the carpet during the installation process. Humidity or water damage is another leading factor which can result in the need for carpet restretching.

The size of the carpet area that requires stretching determines which method is used to complete the repair. In smaller areas, the use of a knee-kicker alone may be sufficient. Larger areas however will require the use of a professional carpet stretcher. Usually, we see installers use a knee-kicker in place of a power stretcher inorder to speed up the job. This often results in the carpet needing to be restretched again in 6 to 12 months. Fortunately, all our technicians have access to a professional carpet power stretcher tools which guarantees your carpet will remain in shape long after the repair.