Carpet Re-stretching

Carpet Re-stretching

Professional Power Carpet Stretcher

Wrinkles, ripples, and buckles in carpet are usually caused by a failure to stretch the carpet correctly, the use of an incorrect or failed cushion, or excessive temperature and/or humidity.

The most common cause of wrinkles or humps are that the carpet was never stretched properly to begin with. In small area’s the use of a knee-kicker alone may prove to be sufficient. However in medium and larger sized area’s, the use of a power stretcher becomes an absolute necessity. Unfortunately, a common shortcut used by many installers is to use a knee-kicker instead of a power-stretcher. The reason for this is that carpet installers get paid by how many yards of carpet they can install per day. Using just a knee-kicker is much faster and a knee-kicker will usually get enough tension to at least get the carpeting to lay flat. The end result though, is that initially your carpet may look great but might start rippling within anywhere from a few weeks to a year or two after installation.
Carpet Re-stretching


Humidity isn’t really the cause of the problem here. What’s actually happening is that latex materials used in the backing of the carpet absorb moisture. This causes the latex to expand and can cause carpet buckling if there is not sufficient tension on the carpet. You may have noticed that if you have visible ripples in your carpet they can look worse on humid days or you may get humps in your carpet that disappear when the humidity returns to normal. Many times steam carpet cleaning, which uses hot water, can cause your carpeting to buckle severely when you previously didn’t see any sign of a problem. Although the cleaner usually gets blamed for this, they are not at fault (except in the case of improper cleaning leading to excessively long drying time). Once again the cause is insufficient tension on the latex containing carpet backing brought to light by the high levels of moisture present from the cleaning. Usually, once the carpet dries fully, the buckles will settle down again.

It is a good idea to contact a professional if ripples or buckles develop. Carpet Repair Melbourne can correct the problem using a professional power carpet stretcher.

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