Carpet Dyeing

Carpet Dyeing

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    Carpet dying can be a great way to rejuvenate those tired old plush piles on the upstairs landing, or in the central hallway of your home. Wherever there is faded carpet or wear and tear, a dye treatment breathes new life into your home's appearance and is a cheaper alternative to more expensive total new carpet replacement.

    With the use of carpet dye, you can change the colour of your carpet to reflect changing trends in interior designs. Whether it be subduing a bold carpet colour from the seventies, applying a perfect colour match, adding a dash of vibrancy to some otherwise dull carpet or a complete colour change, carpet dyeing is a great solution if done by a professional service.

    Carpet dyeing is also a great option for stain removal. It can take care of those stubborn stains such as red wine, pet stains and bleach spots that won't budge with repeated steam or chemical cleaning methods.

    With our range of professional carpet dyeing services, you'll get a great looking result. The carpet restoration process starts by thoroughly cleaning the carpet to be treated. We then apply a dye chosen in consultation with the client to best achieve the desired aesthetic.