Carpet Patching

Carpet Patching

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    Carpet Patching Melbourne.

    Dried pet stains? Coffee or wine spills? Burns? Paint splatters?

    There are many incidents that will leave stains deep within a carpets fibres. Even the most experienced carpet technician with the best equipment won’t be able to remove all stains left within a carpet. When a stain cannot be removed from the carpet, the next best solution is a carpet patch. A Carpet patch is used when a section of a carpet has been damaged, this could be a burn, rip or a clech spot for example. Pet accidents may also require a carpet patch if the contamination has soaked through the carpet pad below the surface. 

    No matter what the cause our skilled technicians have the experience and tools to take out the damaged patch of carpet and patch it with a piece of remnant carpet whilst skillfully maintaining the design integrity and textures.